Because we are vibration, because the drum is your own heart, remembering that you are part of the same pulse, the beat that unites you with the earth, the universe and with yourself, with each beat your drum will restore your rhythm, will extend and It will penetrate the deepest part of your being, harmonizing it, balancing it, healing it and opening your consciousness more and more. You are the drum yourself .... that is the magic, no two drums are the same, yours will have your own language, your energy, your vibration, it will beat to the rhythm of your own heart .





Indios Beta are a collective of musicians and artists, coming from different parts of the world, allowing them to create a journey of sounds, mixing ethnic and modern instruments that remind us of the sounds of the earth and transport you through different cultures of the world. Various instruments on stage intermingle with contemporary folk rhythms to make us vibrate to the rhythm of healing music.

You can find three projects defined within the INDIOS BETA collective for performances.
INDIOS BETA, the most trance and experimental project of the group.
Indios Beta and Philippe Dib, the perfect fusion between Andean and Arab music.
Indians Beta and Radia, the best of the instrumental version with Radia's voice medicine.
Thanks to its versatility, this group of artists has the ability to create different formations of musicians, allowing them to play in intimate ceremonial venues or defend large stages and dance floors.