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Finca La Isa

In the quiet area of Cruz de Tejeda, Finca La Isa is the perfect place to meet nature with all the comforts of your home. Find your inner peace in a magic environment, enjoy a barbecue, a spacious terrace and the shared hot tub, and magnificent views of the mountains.

One of the most beautiful villages of Spain

Tejeda, a heavenly place

Tejeda, municipality of the island of Gran Canaria, is located in the center south-west of the island and covers an area of 103.3 square kilometres. It is formed by the town of Tejeda and by 18 districts dispersed among themselves.

It stands out for its natural patrimony, where the symbol of the island, the Roque Nublo stands out. This monolithic basaltic is the result of eruptive volcanic processes that gave rise to the formation of the island millions of years ago. Next to it, a few kilometres away, is the Roque Bentayga, another large monolith that once represented a sacred place of worship for the ancient aborigines of the Canaries. Its extension is the heart of the Gran Canaria Biosphere Reserve that occupies the center-west sector of the island.

Since 2012 Tejeda is one of "the most beautiful towns in Spain" along with 44 other towns in the national territory. In addition, in 2016 it is also added to the international list of "The World's Most Beautiful Peoples" among 500 other villages.


For every taste

The most important ingredient for healthy live is the water

Our water comes from springs of the Cumbres of Gran Canaria. Cristal clear unpoluted water from the endless Atlantic Ocean rains on the Cumbre , highest part of the island. The water filters for years until in comes in to our water galleries . This water we greatfully receive on Finca la Isa. Our water not only has drinking water quality , it has been certified as mineral water of highest quality by the Gouvernment of the Canary Islands.

We love cooking on Finca la Isa

As we count on the supply of the finest organic grown fruits and vegtables combined with the best home grown herbs and water we have al ingredients for fine cooking. Fruits , vegtables and meat you can buy at the finca or the nearby framer markets of Tejeda and San Mateo or at the local stores. You have to try our local specialities like our veggie rice with fresh goat chease our our Tajine of Lamb , only available on request 24 hours before.

Breakfast: €7.50 Lunchbox: €6.00 Dinner: €10.00

We also offer fresh german bread from the oven on request.

We also offer fresh german bread from the oven on request.

Our neighbors : Award winning vineyards of AGALA

Bodega Bentayga the family says: "We are proud to produce wines in the highst of the mountain , fruit of our land, fruit of the work well done. As a result we have obtained these seven unique wines. Singular by the grape varieties chosen, by the soil and the microclimate where they are cultivated, by the mime, the dedication and by its delicate elaboration."

Don Juan Armas Rodríguez, founder and soul of the Bentayga Winery, recalls seeing his father, back in 1942, making wine for his own consumption. Our vineyard arises thanks to the dream of Don Juan, who for his roots in the land of Tejeda who saw him born, his entrepreneurial capacity and love for work, has made it possible for us to enjoy AGALA wines today. As the strains grew and adapted to the terrain, our father was also growing in wisdom and experience. It is a dream come true, in which we have now integrated the children.

In the caves of the Roque Bentayga were found petroglyphs, inscriptions engraved in the rock, made by the native Canaries. Although its meaning is not known, we have adopted some as an image of our wines. These are the crosses that appear on the labels, capsules and caps of our AGALA wines. You can purchase the wine at Finca la Isa. or at