Simply the best views over the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE

A place you can't miss. At Finca La Isa you feel the spirit of the volcanic mountains.
Feel this unique contact with nature, breathe fresh mountain air, drink fresh spring water and enjoy the breathtaking view, overlooking the nature’s monuments . It is the perfect place to forget everyday life and get one with nature.
This is the perfect mountain chillout to meet backpackers , athletes and spiritual seekers. A place to laugh, make friends, exchange experiences and plan your next adventure.

Our finca is located in the upper part of the Sacred Valley of Tejeda. It’s a unique place full of energy and magic between the three most important natural monuments of the Canary Islands - the Roque Nublo, the Roque Bentayga and the Teide on Tenerife with a fascinating height of 3711 meters. Here is the essence of the Canarii natives, who once inhabited the finca and enjoyed the almonds, lemons and fig trees. Today, as then, with a pure glass of the Alkan spring water you can enjoy the unforgettable sunsets that paint the landscape differently every day.

We are halfway from the Cruz de Tejeda to Tejeda. For generations, Finca la Isa has been a traditional resting place where hospitality is our top priority. We invite all hikers to refill their water bottles for free, taste the local goat cheese or cool off with a fresh beer. For different needs we offer our world travelers various accommodations, such as country houses and hostels.

Finca La Isa is the base camp for all adventurers of the mountains. Meet those who are looking for something special. Ultra trail runners, hikers, climbers, mountain bikers, cyclists and skateboarders relax together and share travel experiences. Our night walks to Roque Nublo are unforgettable.

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One of the most beautiful towns of Spain

“ Tejeda is the lively image of a typical Canarian village, surrounded by agricultural areas, slopes and ravines that provide this singularity. ”

Fco Juan Perera

A space for every demand



Hermening González Family

"1998 the Family Hermening Gonzalez fell in love with the Finca and dedicated many years of work and love to make this place what it is today. Together with our team of volunteers, we help you to enjoy the Sacred Valley at its best . We feel deeply connected to the magic environment , where we will help to find the best routes and make your stay a great adventure. After a long day we will help you to relax and feel good . Enjoy the Jacuzzi of 36 degrees , chill at the chimenea and enjoy our organic , local , feel good food made with love. Taking care of yourself has become something much more than a trend, understanding care as a holistic vision: body, food, mind, soul, spirit ...Basically, we return to the essence of what tourism should promote: favoring happier human beings and a more peaceful society.

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