Finca La Isa is a space dedicated to rural ecotourism and is classified as an ecological farm. There are several rural houses with cozy rooms and a small rural hostel with double and shared rooms. We have communal outdoor terraces, perfect to enjoy the sunsets of the farm that is surrounded by hiking trails and is a perfect place for all mountain sports.

Finca La Isa has incredible views of the most emblematic mountains and rocks of Gran Canaria and of El Risco Caídos, recently declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. We also have the best views of El Teide. Surrounded by nature that can be enjoyed by hiking or cycling on the trails and routes prepared for this purpose. The nights on the farm are magical, you can see the Milky Way surrounded by a blanket of stars.

The most important ingredient for a healthy life is water

Our water comes from the Cumbres de Gran Canaria springs. Crystal clear and pristine clear water from the constant rains of the Atlantic Ocean at La Cumbre, the highest part of the island. The water filters for years until it enters our water galleries. At Finca la Isa, we receive this water very gratefully since it not only has the quality of drinking water, but has also been certified as the highest quality mineral water by the Government of the Canary Islands.

We love to cook at Finca la Isa

We have the supply of the best organic fruits and vegetables grown at home and combined with the best herbs and water we have are the perfect ingredients for fine cuisine. Fruits, vegetables and meat can be bought at the farm or the nearby agriculture and livestock markets of Tejeda and San Mateo or at local shops. You have to try our local specialties like our vegetarian rice with fresh goat cheese or our vegetable tajine, only available on request 24 hours before.

Meal times and prices:
- Breakfast: from 08:00 to 10:30. Price 6,50€ per person.
- Dinner: from 19:00 to 21:00. Price 12,00€ per person.

Family vacations, Sports, Events and celebrations

Enjoy a family vacation with privileged views. Great spaces to spend a few days in nature, you also find in a strategic enclave to carry out all kinds of routes and mountain sports. Tejeda has a wide network of trails, transportation between the island's populations and currently rehabilitated for the enjoyment of nature for anyone who wants to do all kinds of sports in nature.

Finca la Isa is the perfect space to carry out all kinds of events, celebrations, gatherings ... The different rural houses allow a great reception of guests and the open spaces are perfect for weddings, communions, birthdays, or to develop yoga and meditation workshops they are just examples of the wide variety of options.

Our neighbors: vineyards awarded by AGALA

The familiar Bodega Bentayga says: "We are proud to produce wines on the top of the mountain, the fruit of our land, the result of work well done. As a result, we have obtained these seven unique wines. Unique for the chosen varieties, for the soil and the microclimate where they are cultivated, for the care, dedication and for its delicate elaboration.